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Name Rank ?
Cmdr. Alexandre Froio ●●●
Ens. Ava Enoch
Lt. J.G. Cameron Bajus ○●
Lt. J.G. Claire Noble ○●
Lt. Cooper Hanson ●●
Ens. Jacob Smyth
Cmdr. Jeanette Schramm ●●●
Capt. Joseph M Porsella ●●●●
Lt. Joshua Malmquist ●●
Capt. Justin Rueb ●●●●
Lt. Cmdr. Kyle Flores ○●●
Lt. Cmdr. Mario Chuman ○●●
Ens. Michael Cooper
Cmdr. Mike Sarlo ●●●
Lt. Ryan Morgenlander ●●
Lt. J.G. Ryan Muskopf ○●
Ens. Sarah Kridenoff
Capt. Taylor V Braun ●●●●
Lt. J.G. Tullio Geraci ○●
Lt. J.G. Zachary Dickman ○●
Capt. Zachary Yaro ●●●●

Members may opt in or out of being publicly listed.


Ranks are awarded every semester to acknowledge members' efforts towards the betterment of STAR. They are awarded to those who have volunteered at STAR events, run one of STAR's weekly missions, achieved longevity as a member, or go above and beyond for the sake of the club.

Members are promoted to the admiralty upon leaving RIT and STAR.