Name Rank ?
Lt. J.G. Alex Claypool ○●
Cmdr. Alexandre Froio ●●●
Capt. Ava Enoch ●●●●
Lt. Cmdr. Cameron Bajus ○●●
Lt. Chris Kratzer ●●
Lt. Cmdr. Claire Noble ○●●
Ens. Connor Egbert
Lt. Cmdr. Cooper Hanson ○●●
Ens. Daniel Salai
Ens. Daniel Salai
Ens. Duncan Brickner
Ens. Gabriel Schugardt
Ens. Gabriel Schugardt
Ens. Jack Furmanek
Ens. Jacob Taloricco
Ens. Jakob Wiesmore
Ens. James V. Testa
Lt. Jon Fitch ●●
Capt. Joseph M Porsella ●●●●
Ens. Logan Hebert
Lt. J.G. Logan King ○●
Ens. Matthew “The Hammer” O'Herren
Ens. Max Duhl
Lt. Cmdr. Michael Cooper ○●●
Ens. Nicholas Foster
Ens. Nick Foster
Lt. J.G. Patrick Bell ○●
Ens. Peter Stluka
Lt. Sarah Kridenoff ●●
Capt. Taylor V Braun ●●●●
Lt. J.G. Tonks ○●
Lt. Tullio Geraci ●●
Ens. Tyler Grobman
Capt. Zachary Yaro ●●●●
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Ranks are awarded every semester to acknowledge members' efforts towards the betterment of STAR. They are awarded to those who have volunteered at STAR events, run one of STAR's weekly missions, achieved longevity as a member, or go above and beyond for the sake of the club.

Members are promoted to the admiralty upon leaving RIT and STAR.